Classes Edit


The Warrior class, wears and wields heavy armor and weapons. They are similar to a Tank in a traditional Fantasy MMORPG, which excels in defensive capabilities attracting enemies and sacrifices overall damage output buffs that can knock back the opponent or gain the upper-hand when in a stale-mate. Mogzo is a warrior, he wields a two handed broad-sword, while wearing plate mail armor.


A thief, is someone who is fast and agile, specializing in the art of stealthy movements and strikes, using mostly daggers and other light-weaponry such as throwing knife. They specialize in techniques such as Back stab a skill, that once activated lets you surprise an enemy by stabbing them in the back in a vulnerable area causing a critical ( more damage than usual) Haruhiro is an example of a thief who uses a dagger as his primary weapon and uses a dagger while retreating from enemies.

Dark Knight

A Dark Knight are similar to the warrior class in combat style however the class favors more medium based weapons, Ranta is a Dark Knight who uses a one handed long-sword. When they acquire vices, they receive new perks such as having a demon companion.


The Mage, is one of the magic classes in Grimgar, they tend to stay farther back in the party to cast spells, the spells themselves have a required cast time in the form of a chant; This chant can be speed up or slowed down depending on the casters skill at saying the required words. Furthermore, the casting can be interrupted by an attack thereby breaking the spell as shown when Shihoru was struck by the Goblin.


A Priest, is another one of the magic classes in Grimgar, they are like Mage who tend to stay farher back in the party to cast spells in the form of prayers, unlike Mage who focus on the enemies, the priest focus on the party itself in order to protect and heal them from injuries. Priest spells also have a cast time in the form of a holy prayer. Manato is the main party's priest and has shown to be fairly competent at remembering the required prayers.


The hunter class in Grimgar is one that has different uses, first and foremost is their use with the bow, this allows a party to continue pressure without the use of the Mage and their fairly long cast times. The hunter also has the capability to wield both short and long range weaponry as shown when Yume swapped from her bow to the dagger she had at her belt. Seemingly they also have outside combat use as Yume was the one preparing the camp's fire.