Appearance Edit

Haruhiro has fair skin and has both brown eyes and hair. He is fairly slim with a light build. As casual clothing he is seen wearing a white tunic, Brown trousers and brown boots. His battle outfit is a black skin tight vest, greenish trousers and knee high boots. He has a scarf around his neck.

Personality Edit

He has a very laid back personality, but is kind hearted. he is shown to be apologetic as shown after the peeping incident.

Equipment, Skills & Abilities Edit

Haruhiro is a thief class meaning he specializes in stealthier movements, combat and reconnaissance. It is currently unknown if he is good at stealing but is implied as he is a thief.

Equipment Edit

Knife - Haruhiro currently wield a small black dagger, with a sliver pattern.

Skills Edit

Slash - A basic attack, in which Haruhiro slices an enemy with his blade.

Back stab - The ability to stab the enemy in the back to do additional damage and hit vital spots.

Spider -

Abilities Edit

Eye sight - Haruhiro is seen to have particularly good eye sight.