He is the annoying one of the group. He is too arrogant, too self-confident, and he blames others for his mistakes. He is shown to be very pervy. He will go out of his way to see the girls naked even if it means he will come to harm. He will also try to bring others along to make them take some of the blame.

Appearance Edit

He has red spiky hair. He has a pointy nose fangs like a cat. He has eyes like a cat.

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Abilities & Powers Edit

He is a dark knight, so therefore he has the ability to summon demons and use their abilities to his own advantage. At the moment the abilities of these demons have yet to be very helpful.

He has a demon bff called Zodiac (Zodiaco).


Whisper - It can whisper into enemies ears to trick them into lowering there defenses.

It can let him know if enemies are near.

Story Edit

He appears in the first episode. He then goes and joins the Dark Knights guild.